FREE $10 Walmart Gift Card with Purchase of Energizer Batteries *Expired*

UPDATE: We have received several complaint e-mails about this particular Energizer promotion. This is an OLD promo (valid April 2014), and Energizer is now offering a new promotion for a $10 Walmart eGift Card (valid through April 2015), which we have shared on Coupon Friendly, shown HERE. If you have issues, please contact Energizer, not the admins of this website.

This offer has expired!


How neat is this? Snag a FREE $10 Walmart Gift Card when you purchase 2 Energizer Batteries! Save even more with coupons too! This promotion is between October 1, 2013 and August 14, 2014.

“To participate in the Energizer Battery, Inc. $10 Walmart® Gift Card Offer (“Offer”), 

purchase any two (2) specially marked packages of Energizer® MAX® batteries AA-8,
AAA-8, C-4, D-4 or 9V-2 between October 1, 2013 and August 14, 2014 at participating
Walmart stores, while supplies last. Each specially marked pack will contain one (1)
unique code (“Code”); two (2) Codes are required to receive a $10 WALMART®
card (“Gift Card”)”

Here is the deal:

Energizer  Batteries $6.37 each  (buy 2)
use the $1.00 off  Energizer Batteries coupon (print off two)
Final Price – $10.74

:::CLICK HERE to snag the rebate:::

Also check out their other promotions on the Energizer Website HERE!

thanks, Coupons and Freebies in TX!

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    • Hi Jim! I assure you that it’s not a phony and I’m not lying about this. The Energizer company is offering this promotion. If you have anymore legit concerns about this promotion, be sure to contact Energizer about it. Thanks! 🙂

    • When you purchase the Energizer Batteries, they will have a $10 Walmart Sticker on them, with a code inside for you to submit. It’ll have all of the information and website that you will need to submit those codes. 🙂

  1. Good Afternoon. I can’t find the website to get the $10 Walmart Giftcard. I bought the batteries, but do not see the direction for the Walmart Giftcard. Please help. I went to the website on the blue stickers, but it does not say anything about how to get the giftcard.

  2. The Walmart gift card by mail if you buy 2 packages of special marked Energizer batteries is a lie!
    I bought the two packages as required and went in to the website they suggest and first off nothing but gobblegook comes up and went to another one about celebrating the bunny birthday and put in my coupon numbers and it says they are both invalid. Will never by Energizer again.

  3. I sent in for 4 $10 gift cards. Received 1. 2 weeks have passed and no more have arrived. Who do I contact for the problem?

  4. I had the same problem about my energizer codes being invalid. But I went back and put them in again with the capital letters and it worked.

  5. The ENERGIZER promotion in which you are being asked to buy two “specially marked” packs of Energizer MAX packs of batteries in order to receive a $ 10 dollars WalMart is a complete truly RIPOFF. I have entered my two codes in their webside (before the deadline of 08/14/14)for about 20 times, enter date of birth, email, and zipcode, then click CONTINUE and then the whole information previously entered is erased. Since you are never allowed to finish, you can NEVER request you card, This is the same result that some of my friends have also received. We believe that the company is using this promotion to SELL batteries and to CHEAT customers by not giving them what it has been advertising.

  6. yes this is a rip off i got 2 packages of batteries that say to redeem through 4/30/15. and this web site says it’s over. i’ll be sending it on to the state Attorney General Office here in Minnesota. She loves to take on fraud.

  7. I bought the energizer batteries with the special promotion to get the walmart gift card only to get home to find out it has expired. That is some scam going on or what?? It is unfair because it says on the front of the package available thru August 2015.

  8. It never ceases to amaze me some of the comments that are posted here. While you are doing us all a favor, some of the people act like you’re responsible for them not following directions or being able to read the small print on the card. Because some people can’t follow directions, they immediately call it a scam. Well it worked for me and I’m tracking my gift card from approval to delivery. Grow up people and follow directions and you’ll succeed. Thank you Kirstin for the blog and the information you provide. I certainly appreciate it.

  9. I have two coupons for the energizer batteries that does not expire until 4-30-15. where do I go to get the $10.00 gift card?

  10. I think the problem is that the website listed on the code stickers is not the correct website. Actually not even a website at all. So yes, one wants to harass Energizer–pretty big company to make such a mistake. ‘bunny bucks’ has to be included when you enter the website or you will get no where.

    However, the offer itself is valid at the website Carla Eastman posted (thanks Carla!) Its very simple to fill in.

    Geez, Bob, having a bad day? Hopefully you don’t talk to people in person the way you do on the internet. I’m a fairly intelligent person and follow instructions very easily and it wouldn’t work for me until, of course, I had the PROPER ADDRESS. Which was NOT the one listed on the offer. Mistake by Energizer or scam? Maybe a little of both as the offer is out there if you search long enough to find the proper website address…one would think the company would have cleared this up long ago as they must have received TONS of complaints.

    Thanks to this blog, I was able to apply for my giftcard and didn’t waste too much time to do so.

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