My ‘Dr. Strange’ Review – *WARNING* Contains Spoilers


    My husband and I are huge Marvel fans (Sorry, DC supporters) and we love, love love Benedict Cumberbatch. Every movie, we are there to see it either opening night or weekend. And we had to get the full experience, so we watched it in IMAX 3D at our local theater. Did I mention we love Benedict Cumberbatch? Because we totally do! Since the first headlines about Dr. Strange spread like wildfire on social media, we eagerly waited for the trailer…then the movie itself. And you can believe there was a countdown in our household.

    If you’re wanting no spoilers for Dr. Strange, please stop reading, and exit out of this tab right now.

    There are a few things we grasp from the movie. One, we recall our dislike for arrogant jerks who think they know all. At the beginning of the story, you see him treating other hospital staff, including Rachel McAdams character like…well, they’re below him. Throughout the story, you see he begins to humble himself and even apologize to his love interest. Now, I do understand that Marvel seems to have a love story in every single movie. This one is no different….however, it’s a pretty mild romance. You can tell both of them care deeply for one another, but good ole’ Benedict Cumberbatch only gets a kiss on the cheek.

    Image via Marvel
    Image via Marvel

    Two, we are reminded why distractions while driving is never a good combination. They even have a “Drive responsibly” text within the end of the credits. Stephen Strange’s egotistical mindset at the beginning seems to lead him to believe that he’s immortal, as he drives recklessly on a windy road. If you saw the trailer, it’s obvious he gets in a car wreck. This scene in the movie is quite intense, and I think watching it in IMAX 3D made it just that more realistic.

    Three, we remember that many things don’t have to make sense, and it’s okay. When Tilda’s character is explaining to Stephen about how he would be able to get a control on his hands again, Stephen couldn’t help but to question. But she expressed the importance of faith. The universe is full of mystery and wonder. One can only hope to achieve to know everything, but it’s okay for us not to fully comprehend. With time, we will understand.

    Four, we are reminded of those kaleidoscopes we had back when we were kids. Be prepared for all of the psychedelic scenes in this movie. There are quite a few of them. This movie goes above and beyond the world of sorcery and magic. It may even make you think about Inception, with the folding streets and buildings in the city. The stellar visual effects in this movie allowed you to step in different parts of the world in an instant. After the first bizarre scene finished, my husband verbalized, “I need a nap after that!”

    Image via Marvel
    Image via Marvel

    Five, we remember Stan Lee’s greatness. There’s no failing, his cameos continue in this movie. Makes us so happy!

    There was a scene with hands growing out of hands, growing out of more hands, growing out of….you guessed it…more hands, which I found rather odd. Also, the beginning of the movie, Dr. Strange is clean shaven – then goes through a full beard, long hair bit…then gets the chance to shave his face only to decide on the Van Dyke look. I guess the writers had to find a way to get that famous beard implemented into the movie somehow. Just let it be random, I suppose.

    I think my ultimate favorite part of the movie was the boss fight. Nothing like a hero winning a fight by turning it into another Groundhog Day scene. Remember the loophole in that movie?  Annoyed the villain by coming “to bargain” over, and over, and over again. And for what? To save mankind. Because if they’re in a loophole, the destruction to the world would never happen. Dr. Strange would just die over and over again. Pretty sad, if you think about it, yet one of the most heroic things anyone could ever do.

    All in all, Dr. Strange was a fantastic movie. I told my husband that I wanted to see it again, and buy it, and watch it again. Full of action sequences, keeping you on the edge of your seat. Oh, and it easily follows suit of the other Marvel movies – incredibly funny. The theater was roaring in laughter most of the time. The plot was easy to understand, and I could feel a good connection with the characters.  The actors did a fantastic job in their portrayal of their characters. Yes, also Tilda Swinton, even if her character was suppose to be an asian male.

    Hey, did you hear in the new Spider-Man movie, Mary Jane Watson was rumored to be played by Zendaya, who is mixed? With that said, this has NOT been confirmed, and there are now rumors that Zendaya is playing a roommate named Michelle. Who knows?! Guess we’ll find out soon enough!

    Don’t forget about the end credit scene….but more importantly, the mid-credit scene. I won’t spoil this one for you, but it’s AMAZING and it involves another loveable character in the Marvel Universe. It’ll make you so happy, believe me.

    Have you got to see the Dr. Strange movie? Let us know in the comments below with how you felt about it? Did you think it lived up to Marvel’s expectations?  What did you think of Benedict Cumberbatch’s American accent?


    (This was NOT a paid post, but all of the opinions here are 100% my own.)


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