I suffer from anxiety attacks. Here’s what I do to try and help it…


    Wayyyy too often I find myself very overwhelmed with daily tasks.


    This leads to anxiety attacks, which causes me to break down and malfunction when my kids get home from school. Sometimes, unexpected panic attacks hit me in the worst way. The feeling of not being able to catch my breath, and the strike of “fight-or-flight” come into play. You know….that paralyzing sensation. It gets to the point of me asking my oldest, who is 10, to help keep an eye on her siblings while I gather back up my composure. It’s a hard pill to accept and ask for help, and I despise the idea that my kids have seen me that way.


    Start a list

    Recently, I found a notebook and decided I was gonna make a “Goals Today” list everyday. I write down a couple of household chores, appointments and words of encouragement. I’ve found that I have a less chance of becoming overwhelmed if I do this everyday, and STICK to the list.

    Get TECHnical

    My Apple watch updated recently to include an app that focuses on “breathing” reminders (a few times a day), giving you a minute to breathe in and out with simple vibrating prompting. I take advantage of this at least once a day, if not more.


    On my blog, I wrote 3 reasons why grown-ups should color. “It’s therapeutic. Really, though? I know, I thought the same thing! How could coloring be therapeutic? Chromotherapy, or color healing, provides comfort and joy to adults during healing processes with color.”


    This one is unusual for me, since I’m not a big reader. With that said, audiobooks help me divert my attention and calm me down while I am cleaning the house.

    Essential Oils

    I recently learned more about essential oils, and found how diffusing peppermint, tangerine, and lemon in my home help lift my spirits a bit. I even wear a bracelet with rock beads, so that I can reap the benefits of the oils.

    So if any of this sounds like you, I recommend starting a ‘daily goals’ notebook, among exploring your options. See if it works for you!

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    Do you suffer from anxiety, or panic attacks like myself? What are ways that help you out? Let us know in the comments below!


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