This is scary! Delete your personal information from this website!


    Consumer Privacy Alert


    I didn’t realize how easy it was to find my information on Family Tree Now. Simply put your information in, and sure enough, you’ll find your name, date of birth and age right there.

    So after checking out this Mix 106 blog post, I thought, this can’t be real, right? WRONG! I was so so so so wrong. I was so shocked to see not only my date of birth and age, but I scrolled down only to find the past marriage I had been in, along with his family, my current marriage, his family, my siblings and extended family. Basically anyone you had been involved with in the past, there’s a good chance it’s on this list.

    It gets deeper though…it gives all of your past home addresses and your current.

    How the heck do they acquire this? I don’t know, but I wouldn’t want that kind of information shared online. My husband did it, and his showed up the same – filled with a list of past girlfriends and family, current address and all that junk!

    So as I’m sure you might be seeing everywhere on Facebook, please please opt out of this! It’s so dangerous, not only for you, but for people who are on your list.

    Here’s what you have to do to OPT out

    1. Go to the website Family Tree Now

    2. Search for yourself on the website

    3. Go down to the bottom and click on PRIVACY

    4. Scroll roughly about 1/3 way down until you see, “Opt Out of Living People Records. Your privacy is important to us. If you would like your records removed from our database, please opt out here.”

    5. It’ll send you to a page where you can search your information. Fill it out and click “View Details”.

    6. Once your page comes up, you’ll see a red button that says “Opt Out Here”.

    Unfortunately it takes 48 hours for it to be removed, but better late than never. Share this with everyone you know! This is of utter importance!



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