Know THIS Couponing Difference Between Walgreens and Dollar General


    I love shopping at Walgreens and Dollar General. Both stores are conveniently a short drive from my house, which is a huge plus. However, the main reason I love them is because of their digital coupons – many of which you CAN’T find anywhere else (after reading this post, check your Balance Rewards and DG app accounts to see what new coupons they have, and then add them immediately). All you need is to register an account with both stores, and add the digital coupons to them. That way, when you’re ready to check out, simply sign in on the card reader (put your phone number in) and your coupons will automatically be deducted once the cashier hits that TOTAL button. Super easy and convenient.

    But did you know that Walgreens and Dollar General work their coupons differently when it comes to reaching a certain amount, before taxes? For example, spending $25 to get $5 off, or spending $25 to get $5 (5,000) in points back in your account. Let’s see if I can break it down for you a little bit.

    At Walgreens, here’s a scenario:

    Sometimes, a Huggies deal comes up. When you spend $30+ on Huggies products, you’ll receive a $10 Register Rewards coupon, good for your next purchase. So long as you spend $30 at the beginning, use as many coupons as you’re allowed to on your transaction at the register. You’ll STILL receive the $10 Register Rewards. They just require you meet the $30+ requirement. According to my local Walgreens employee they don’t care if your paying cash or coupons. As long as the original total was at least $30.

    At Dollar General, here’s a scenario:

    Often times, you’ll find $2.00 off $10 purchase. That’s easily saving 20% off your purchase with just one simple coupon. Here’s the kicker though. No matter how much your original total was if your coupons bring it below the $10 requirement, you don’t get the $2.00 off. Your total, after coupons and before tax, must still be $10 or more to receive the $2.00 off coupon.

    And just a heads up, don’t ask the cashier to take off the “digital coupon”, even if you can show proof it’s loaded onto your DG app account. Chances are, there’s NOTHING they can do about it.

    So tell me, does this information effect your shopping experience with either of them? Are you more likely to shop at one more than the other because of this couponing difference? Let us know in the comments below!



    1. I received a response from the Dollar General Corporate Communications, for verification. They replied, “Our coupon policy dictates the pre-tax purchase must meet or exceed the promotional amount. Using your example, a $2 off coupon may be applied toward any qualifying, pre-tax purchase of $10 or more.”

      Just for verification! 🙂

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