May 14th is Mother’s Day! Help Update Her Kitchen Tools #GourmetKitchenworks #ad


    Can you believe that Mother’s Day is right around the corner?


    We all need some new, refreshing ideas to toss around instead of the traditional card and flowers. As a mother of 5 kids, I’m often in the kitchen whipping up something for meals or treats, and kitchen accessories are always on my list of gift ideas. And if you’re a mom who is anything like me, you’ll want to check out Gourmet Kitchenworks! If you’ve never heard of this company, then read on:

    Simply put, Gourmet Kitchenworks is a US distributor for three European brands of affordable, high-quality kitchen products: GEFU, SKK Cookware, and Bredemeijer.


    This GEFU sprouting jar won the Global Innovation (GIA) Award for Kitchenware 2017! How amazing is that?

    According to Gourmet Kitchenworks website, “Simply place seeds in the glass container and fill with water. Let the seeds soak overnight. The next morning, rinse and drain – turn the container over so that the mesh cover is on the bottom. Snap the container into the black plastic base. The base is designed to allow air to circulate freely to create the perfect climate for cultivating fresh sprouts – with no bacteria or mold growth! Each morning and night repeat the rinsing of the seeds, and each time snap the container back into the base. In a few days you will have your very own supply of healthy sprouts!!”

    So you know where YOUR sprouts are coming from. This is a great concept for those who heavy into eating healthy!

    There are some amazing features to this sprouting jar, including:

    -for sprouting seeds, such as alfalfa, mung beans, radishes, chickpeas, wheat, lentils, etc.
    -glass dome provides the best lighting conditions.
    -ventilation integrated into the base.
    -fresh sprouts for salads etc. after just one week.
    -5”diameter, 7.2” high

    Free shipping on all purchases of $50.00 or more!

    I was super grateful to try out the GEFU bottle opener. This multi-use tool is amazing, opening screw-top lids (like the picture below), ring-pull cans, glass bottles and crown caps. It works so well for my kids, and myself when my husband isn’t around. If you have long nails, arthritis, or you’re just simply weak like me, you’ll want this tool!! And I got an adorable pink one.

    Often times, you’ll find discounted products (up to 70% off) as well. Check out their specials below:

    Don’t miss out on checking out Gourmet Kitchenworks and the variety of kitchen tools available for Mother’s Day gifts. Use promo code: TOOL to get 20% off the sprouting jar!!



    1. Wow there are alot of great products here!! Going to check them out as we move into our new home in the next couple months!!!

    2. That sprouting jar is really cool! I never thought growing your own could be so easy!! I love the spice mill too – my husband and I have been looking for one and $15 is an awesome price!!

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