Cutting Down on the Hassle of Shopping


    Time is a limited resource. You may feel you have less time for errands and chores, unless you take time your social life. Since many people don’t want to do that, they must find other ways to balance the time demands of daily life.

    Chores, such as shopping, need to be telescoped or managed altogether differently. Going shopping for groceries or regular household items was never a leisurely activity, but it is becoming even more cumbersome now.

    Today, though, as with food and clothing, much of your shopping and buying can be done online. Online shopping is efficient, with easy payment systems for each a transaction. It is a convenient alternative to in-person shopping. Here are a few tips on how to cut down on the hassle of shopping.

    1) Plan for the Shopping Ahead of Time

    Planning may sound simple, but sometimes it means going beyond just having the adequate list handy when you hit the grocery store. Making that food run can be more complicated and, it seems, more expensive, without a plan. You can cut down the time commitment through good planning.

    Don’t shop emotionally, or window shop. Know ahead of time what you want and what you need. Stick to the list or the plan. For larger items, such as appliances, know your price range and desired features. Price-match ahead of time if you want, but stay focused.


    2) Shop Alone

    For some, shopping with others can be fun. However, you may end up buying something you really didn’t want. Part of the reason: your friend may have hinted you would look good in that outfit, or would suggest you buy this particular food brand.

    Having a second opinion can be helpful in some situations if you are going for a specific major purchase. However, when shopping for clothing or food, do it alone. Avoid buying more than you need or spending too much.

    3) Buy in Bulk

    A store like Costco is nice because you can buy in bulk. Larger quantities last longer, reducing the time you spend shopping over the course of a year. Just make sure you have the funds to go bulk shopping, since many “shopping clubs” only accept debit cards.

    4) Check out Online Options

    As mentioned, searching online is becoming very popular. “Reverse showrooming” refers to stores showing their available items online, expecting potential customers to virtually browse through them. Eventually, customers make their selections online but come to the store to actually buy it. Many major purchases, such as new computers, are already done online. Some online sites have taken things as step further, through online bulk shopping. This concept marries the savings of buying in bulk with the convenience of buying them online. You can buy a large quantity of specific foods, and then have them shipped to your address without ever stepping foot into a supermarket.

    These tips can help shave time and energy from shopping chores and allow for more time for other, more fun activities. Explore online options or focus your shopping on more specific needs. In the long run, you will be able to spend more time doing what you want to do, not what you need to do.

    (Disclaimer: This is a guest post.)


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