Solar Eclipse 2017 – Here’s what we saw in Southwest MO


    This was truly a historic event! And I’m grateful that I was able to witness it.


    For the Solar Eclipse 2017, I set up a time lapse to see the change in light from beginning to end. Here’s what we saw on our end for the eclipse here in southwest Missouri. We had 96% coverage.

    Check out my video on what we saw for this solar eclipse. This includes pictures of the eclipse itself. Don’t forget to like our video and subscribe to our channel!

    While I was out there at the peak of the eclipse, I noticed it had become more dim, and the temperature had slightly cooled down. But only slightly…the humidity was still terrible!

    We had one pair of solar glasses to check out the sun. I was definitely glad we had them to experience it visually. I also tested the hole-in-the-plate trick. Simply put, I poked a hole in a foam plate with a pen, took it outside, and was able to see the eclipse through a shadow on my porch. It blows my mind how such an easy tool allowed us to see it so clearly.

    So what was your percentage during the eclipse? Let us know in the comments below!

    Did you hear that there’s another solar eclipse happening in April of 2024 in North America? That’s less than 7 years away. I’ll take it!


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