Car Seat Safety Week – 3 Tips to Finding Your Right Family Car 

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    Since this is car safety week, and I have little ones of my own who are still in them, I thought I’d mention a few things about finding the right vehicle for YOUR family. Did you know that installs car seats and writes out car seat checks? It gives insight to those who are in need of a little help on the process. They, “start each Car Seat Check by investigating the car’s Latch system, which is supposed to make it easier to correctly install car seats, to test its user-friendliness…..[and] test how each vehicle handles the various sizes of child-safety seats in terms of both space and installation.”

    Their processes include all car seats – convertible, booster, and infant. They truly care about your family, in every aspect! So, to state the obvious: Your family’s safety is the utmost importance when it comes to travelling, whether it just be to the store or across the state. Make sure you’re getting the right one at the best price!

    Here are 3 tips to finding your right family vehicle.

    Ask Questions, such as:

    -how many miles/gallon

    -accident report

    -clean car title

    -does it pass inspection

    -how many owners


    Many dealerships or loan banks have financing available for those of all credits – good, fair, or bad. Finding a decent vehicle within your budget shouldn’t be hard, and your options will be more opened to find the best one for your family.

    Do your research

    When my husband and I were pregnant with our 5th child, we needed a van that was a little more updated than our 2001 Ford Windstar. We found vehicles that fit not only our whole family, but their car seats as well. After searching on the internet, the Toyota Siennas were deemed one of the best quality, long lasting family vans out there. It was told to us that they can last over 350,000 miles, as long as you took care of it properly.

    Thankfully, the first vehicle we found at the dealership was a 2007 Sienna with only 175,000 miles on it. To many, that number could possibly mean it’s close to the end of its life, but oddly enough, it was only halfway there. I was incredibly stoked to find this van, and to get a great deal on it. Don’t settle, and shop around to find the best.


    Safe travels, and don’t forget to wear your seat belt!

    What other tips do you have when it comes to purchasing a family vehicle?

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