How to Make the Holidays Stress-Free #HormelGatherings #Ad


    We are a family of 8….


    Yes, that means 2 adults and 6 kids. Some of you may be thinking that my husband and I are crazy for having that many. Others may be rooting us on. The truth is, we both come from big families, so 6 kids suited us just fine. There’s enough love to go around. But I’m sure you can imagine how hectic things get when the holidays come around.

    Our holiday family gatherings are a big treat for us. Normally, we congregate together at one of our houses that fit our size (we can often have get together’s at around 35-40 people – but every once in a while 50+!) and include talent shows, games, but mostly food – and lots of it! We can’t help but to get a little stressed when the Holidays are among us, but there are a few ways we can ease that burden.

    Here are 3 ways to make the holidays stress-free:

    Make meals a Potluck – When each family brings one or two food items, it’s guaranteed there will be enough food to go around. I also recommend Hormel Gatherings Party Trays at your next get-together. No prep required! The Honey Ham and Turkey tray is delicious!

    Find the right size house – Last thing anyone needs is to gather in a small house for your large family. Make sure there’s enough room and seating for everyone.

    Plan Ahead – Social Media Platforms sometimes include an event planner. Add family members to an event and talk among yourselves to find out what everyone is bringing. Have an idea of how many people are coming so there’s enough food to go around.

    BONUS TIP: Paper plates, cups, and plastic utensils are ideal for gatherings. Little to no mess and clean up will be a breeze! Don’t forget oven bags and crock pot liners either!

    Dive into Thanksgiving

    I bought my Hormel Gatherings tray for our own family Thanksgiving meal, and my kids couldn’t wait to dive into it. My party tray was more than enough to make a fun little Turkey-shaped tray for everyone to enjoy. My kids found it amusing and wanted to eat it right away. But I told them to eat the left overs. They heard that quickly enough, because it was all gone within a matter of minutes. Not surprising to me as a mom of 6. Food goes fast here. And it’s to be expected. Next time, I’ll just have to buy two of them, instead of one.

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    Christmas is right around the corner. Family gatherings are expected to be a thing this time of year. Why not pick up a Hormel Gatherings party tray at your local retail store and help make your party a successful one! They come in a tray with pepperoni and salami, and also a party pack for those smaller groups. Did you hear they’re also coming out with a Culinary Pairings with fancy cheese, like gouda? Can I say…it sounds like they made a ‘gouda’ idea! I’m excited to try that one out.

    When is your favorite time to bring out the Hormel Gatherings appetizers? Let us know in the comments below!

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