Day 4 of our Challenge + 4 Ways to Drink More Water


    Drinking lots of water isn’t easy.


    I know I said that in my last Water Challenge post, but it’s as true now as it was then. Water is bland and I seem to only be able to chug a glass of water after eating a bowl full of pretzels. *Cue Kramer’s one-line in the Woody Allen movie on Seinfeld*

    “These pretzels are making me thirsty.”

    Okay, so it’s now day 4, and to be honest, it’s not THAT hard to drink it. I just have to remember. And with 6 kids home on Easter break, it’s a tad difficult – mostly because my kids end up snagging my water and drinking it themselves. So I’m gonna share 4 different ways to simplify drinking water for you to try…..this is mostly for me…but for you too!

    One, drink with a straw.

    My daughter and I have taken several trips to our local Casey’s General Store and snagged 32 oz and filled it up with ice water. Only costs $0.25 each, and it guarantees us we’ll get AT LEAST 32 oz. of water! Win-win.

    Two, add slices of fruit.

    Though I haven’t done this idea in this challenge, I have used fruit water in the past – mostly lemon – and just love it. It gives your drink more flavor.

    Three, don’t do it alone.

    It’s way easier to succeed when you’ve got someone by your side working the challenge with you. Grab a buddy and make it a competition, or keep tabs on each other. Once I brought it up to my oldest, she was on board. She’s struggled more than I have, but I’m always encouraging her to at least drink a cup of water while she’s thinking about it.

    Four, set reminders.

    This is a perfect tip for those who are forgetful….like me, myself, and I. It’s a curse, really, and alarms were made for people like me. There are also a TON of free apps out there that keep your water intake recorded. Take advantage of those freebies!


    We’ll keep you up to date on our water challenge. Like I said before, my daughter is hoping for a clearer face (her acne struggle is real) so fingers crossed this will help her out a little bit.


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