Can you price match’s prices at a local Walmart store?

    (Scroll down for an April 2018 update!!)

    So the other day, I found an Ibotta Cashback rebate offer on their app, and wanted to snag it at Walmart to get a great price. While at the store, I checked the’s price on tide and found it to be cheaper than the one on the shelf. The price difference was this:

    Walmart neighborhood market Tide 100 ounce 64 load laundry detergent bottle: $11.97 tide at 100 ounce 64 load laundry detergent bottle: $10.77

    I’m always looking for great deals to snag, especially since we are a family of seven on a small budget. So when I saw this price difference, I just couldn’t wait to ask if I could price match it.

    I headed to the register to get checked out, but before I had the cashier rang up my Tide detergent, I asked her if the store price matched the price.

    The response I received was this: no, we do not price match’s prices. We don’t even price match other local Walmart store prices.

    I told her how grateful I was for her response, and respected her position in the matter. She explained that she has been working for Walmart for the past 10+ years, and just does what she is told.

    After expressing my gratitude for her answer on the matter, I contacted Walmart corporate to further investigate on the matter, and here is the response I received:

    “Thank you for reaching out to Upon review of your request, and Walmart Stores are two separate entities. Since we are two separate entities, we do have differences in our price match policy. I have provided the price match policy below for you to review. 

    Here’s our Online Price Match Policy:

    The prices on and online retailers ** will be matched

    Our customers must provide the online price and retailer

    The item must be currently in-stock at the online retailer’s website at the time the request for the price match is made.

    We reserve the right to verify the price of the identical, in-stock item at the online retailer’s website (i.e., size, model, quantity, brand, color)

    Where applicable, Walmart will limit quantities to typical retail purchase quantities or one-per-customer or household to exclude dealers and resellers

    How to match an in-store purchase to an online price:

    Request the price match right at the register

    The Store Manager has the final decision for matching an online price

    How to match a purchase to an online competitor:

    Contact Customer Care prior to placing your order on

    The Customer Care Agent has the final decision for matching an online price

    We do not honor:

    Prices from membership clubs and auction sites, e.g., eBay 

    Prices that cannot be determined independent of other items, e.g., fees, shipping charges

    Percent off or dollar off if the item’s price cannot be determined independent of other items, fees, or charges

    Bundle offers, Instant Rebates, Mail-in Offers, Offers that include financing

    Clearance, Close out, Liquidation, Special Hour/Flash/Limited Quantity offers

    Damaged, Used, or Refurbished items

    Misprinted or inaccurate prices

    Online price match is not available in Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico for in-store purchases

    Online price match is not available for Walmart One Hour Guarantee Items

    We will not offer rain-checks for items that are not currently in-stock in our store or on will not price match on behalf of Walmart Marketplace Retailers to other online competitors. will not price match items purchased on between Thanksgiving and Cyber-Monday

    ** Online retailers are limited to:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


    We prefer that you contact us before placing an order so that we can tell you if your item qualifies for a price match.”

    So, in short, The answer to the question, can you price match’s prices at your local Walmart store is, it is up to the store manager whether or not they will price match. It doesn’t hurt to ask, because they might say yes, and if they say no then you are no worse off than you were before. So while my local Walmart does not price match the website, your local Walmart might.


    According to the Walmart website, it states the following about how to use the SavingsCatcher:

    • “Make a purchase at any Walmart store. For specifics about what is eligible, see Saving Catcher FAQs
    • You must have or create a account and have internet access to use Savings Catcher
    • In Mobile App or Browser:
      • Download or open the app
      • Select Services, then Savings Catcher
      • Select Add a Walmart Receipt to scan a receipt. If using Walmart Pay within the app, choose to submit the receipt once transaction is complete
    • In Desktop:
    • The website/app will verify the price difference with stores that are nearest to the Walmart store where that item was purchased. If a lower advertised price is found from a local competitor, you will receive the difference as a Savings Catcher eGift Card
    • Savings Catcher eGift Cards will be automatically saved to your account for use on or in-store
    • There is no need to manually redeem rewards
    • You do not have to immediately spend the rewards when they are transferred to the Savings Catcher eGift Card. You can choose to accumulate them as desired
    • This eGift Card can be used on, in-store or using Walmart Pay
    • The ability to transfer rewards to a Bluebird card is discontinued”





    1. I bought a HP printer for my wife’s office area at WalMart. Price was around $56. Came home & just for the fun of it decided to see if there was a better price online. Lo & behold was offering the exact same printer for $24.88. Ended up ordering it online, same day, returned the instore purchase to customer service, walked to the back of the store where the online window is & sure enough waiting for me was the exact same model I had just returned to the front of the store.
      Walmart does operate in strange ways.

    2. My savings catcher acct was hacked & the money was stolen. I contacted Walmart & they said it was refunded but instead even more money was missing. It’s not a secure app; do not connect your real credit cards to it! It’s a common issue; google it.

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